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It's the first Sunday of November, and almost no matter where you are, chances are temperatures are dropping, along with leaves, and maybe even snow.

And what drink is more suited for fall than apple cider? With the wide range of breweries that make alcoholic cider, there's plenty of variety to choose from.

What if you want a little more kick to your cider? Let me introduce you to one of my favorite fall drinks: Angry Balls.

One shot of Fireball whiskey ​dumped into a glass of Angry Orchard cider.

​The cinnamon heat of Fireball nicely intensifies the taste of the cider, and warms you up on those chilly fall nights. There's lots of ways to mix it up with the variety of cider flavors, whether you like your cider a little more bitter or a little more flavorful, a shot of Fireball (or any cinnamon flavored whiskey) is always a welcome addition.

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