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Quoth The Raven: Pour Some More

Once upon a holiday merry, while I pondered, drinking cheerily,

Over many a curious drink of yore,

While I searched among the wrapping, suddenly I spied a raspb-ing,

As of a berry, dark red in colour.

"'Tis a liqueur," I muttered, "classy in nature;

'Tis a liqueur named Chambord."

I opened then the round glass, on the eve of Christmas,

To taste this drink I hadn't had before.

Purple and sweet, raspberry taste when neat,

Is the liqueur named Chambord.

As I searched the Internet, of how to use this drink I'd met,

I clicked a link with a tapping, tapping to go explore,

A site that bragged with much acclaim,

Of a drink that it proclaimed,

To use the liqueur named Chambord.

​The Raven uses vodka and rum,

And blue curacao to make the drink look fun,

Topped with the liqueur named Chambord.

One ounce of each, half of the last

Will make this drink get mixed quite fast.

Then drink it up with great vigour.

A little fruity was the flavor, though still a perfect drink to savor,

Could use more of the liqueur named Chambord.

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